Tuesday, February 21, 2012

kitchen appliance meltdown

in the past few weeks my blender's motor burnt out, and then the top to my food processor fell off the counter, where it was innocently drying, and cracked in half. i did have the joy of buying an awesome new blender, and black & decker sells replacement parts for the food processor, so i guess all in all it is more annoyance than anything else. but i think it is clear that my kitchen appliance karma has run out. how does one regain good kitchen appliance karma anyway? donations to the used kitchen appliances of america habitat?

then again, my computer is making a whining noise, and the drawers in my dresser refuse to stay in. so maybe i just have a dybbuk in my apartment messing around. or it may just be things naturally wearing out because of my refusal to spend my hard earned money on anything new unless forced to do so when things literally fall apart (have you seen my favorite white sweatshirt with the holes in the elbows?).

one of those things. but i am betting on the dybbuk.